Noise pollution: a danger for environment and humans. Risks and remedies.

How dangerous can noise be for individual psycho-physical balance? How to avoid the progressive wear and tear of working, social and emotional life caused by noise pollution?

Noise pollution represents one of the most worrying problems in our cities. Noise, the cause of unease for environment and for man himself, attacks the vital functions of the individual more than he himself perceives. Being exposed daily to noise pollution involves stress and malaise in the medium-long term with a degeneration of quality of life not only from a psychophysical point of view but also from a working and relational point of view.

Yet today in an active society, always running and constantly evolving, noise is inevitable. Everything around us produces noise, there is no human activity that goes away. Today more than ever noise pollution is inherent in many productive, social or leisure activities. With the technological and infrastructural development, determining factors of our economic well-being, the sound level of the surrounding environment has increased significantly attacking our defenses.

The insidiousness of noise pollution lies in the fact that sounds surround man and this makes it difficult to recognize their danger when they exceed the standard dB threshold. Too often we tend to underestimate the problem until we reach a state of acoustic chaos so high as to create annoyance and damage, sometimes even irreparable. In fact, manifestations of malaise and unbearability arise only after having passed various intermediate levels fought unconsciously through a series of nervous reactions and stress, sometimes even of serious entity, which compromise people’s normal everyday activities.

Those who live in noisy cities or work in environments where noise is daily are scientifically proven to be more prone to diseases, cardiovascular disorders and hearing problems. The urgency also arises from the national and international legislators to protect the environment and humans from noise pollution by means of noise reclamation plans according to precise criteria established at the regulatory level.

It is possible to prevent or limit noise pollution by resorting to noise barriers. The Bestfon barriers are structures designed for the specific purpose of protecting sensitive areas from noise by mitigating emissions from highways, railways, airports but also industries and construction sites. Their field of application is very vast, noise barriers can also be used along the arteries of the city road network for the protection not only of entire housing areas but also of individual houses, school buildings and nurseries, hotel structures and nearby offices to sources of noise pollution.

For the safety of citizens, it is also important that noise barriers are subjected to sound absorption and sound insulation tests at specialized institutes and have obtained all the necessary certifications. It is exactly for this reason that Bestefa s.r.l. company , promoter of absolute sectoral excellence, constantly tests its products to prove their quality and performance, offering to customer maximum guarantee and transparency.

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