BRICKFON – Sound absorbing wall

Not a simple retaining wall, nor a simple barrier. BrickFon is the new sound absorbing and soundproofing solution perfect for public and private sector.

Strength, stability, versatility and durability over time are the characteristics of the new top of the BESTWALL range born from the experience of Bestefa. Brickfon, patent pending, is a unique innovative product. Studied by specialized technicians in the sector, it was designed ad hoc to meet the needs of the market that emerged in 60 years of experience on the construction site. ​​BrickFon idea was born from the hybridization of the Bestblock anti-noise technology with the Bestwall gravity system through a particular eco-friendly production circuit that reuses a high quantity of recycled material in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14021: 2016 standard.BrickFon® sound absorption performances range go from 6 dB in the A2 category up to 20 dB in the A5 category, it depending on the chosen tile. This particular system made up of concrete blocks with a sound-absorbing finish that exploits the force of gravity, is made self-supporting by the dry joints. The ease of movement and assembly of the blocks, available in large or thin versions, allows the creation of temporary noise barriers with countless configurations. The various possibilities of combining blocks and tiles, which can be positioned in a different way by exploiting the height or width depending on the technical requirements, make the new product patented by Bestefa s.r.l. extremely versatile. Brickfon, in fact, finds application in different contexts starting from the work site, to the industrial area, to infrastructures up to private homes. Thanks to the possibility of customizing the back with a matrix or application of materials such as wood or stone, the barrier is transformed into a real architectural element blending perfectly with the style of the surrounding buildings. The application possibility of accessories such as supports for advertising panels and light points make BrickFon a completely customizable product that is also enriched from a functional point of view.

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