Preserve the efficiency of electrical substations over time

The quality of the electrical substations minimizes future maintenance costs.

In order to keep the performance of the system unchanged over time, it is necessary to carry out regular maintenance operations on the electrical substations with different costs depending on the extent of the intervention. It is essential, to minimize maintenance costs, to choose an Enel approved high quality electric cabin that is durable, built and designed in compliance with current regulatory standards. In this sense, in the choice of electrical substations for the customer, certifications play a central role, guaranteeing the validity of the product to be purchased. Strengthened by previous experience, Bestefa s.r.l. has succeeded in creating a high performance product with high durability over time that responds to the customer’s need to minimize the onset of future maintenance costs. Investing today in the quality of the electric cabin is, in fact, equivalent to spending less on expensive repairs.

Types of maintenance

There are three types of maintenance. The minor preventive measures are those aimed at limiting the normal degradation of use by dealing with lower faults with interventions aimed at restoring normal functionality. These do not include changes to the essential structure of the plant or its intended use. Predictive interventions, instead, consist of:

checks on the state of conservation and efficiency of the components involved, instrumental tests aimed at determining the residual life time of the components to highlight the possible need for replacement, proposals for replacing the existing components close to end of life with new generation products. The most burdensome interventions are those of corrective maintenance which consist of the renewal or replacement of the components of the booth that do not substantially change the performance of the plant but are necessary to bring the plant back to ordinary operating conditions.

The natural or legal person who has overall responsibility for maintenance is precisely the maintenance technician who takes care of the safety, technical and management aspects and can directly perform or have performed manual and / or instrumental maintenance operations on the personnel or third parties. MV / LV cabin systems.

The Bestefa electric cabin is a high quality product that meets the highest quality standards on the market. It has been specifically designed to reduce the impact of time and minimize maintenance operations

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