Leading actor in progress: towards Industry 4.0

News in Bestefa house, protagonist of 4th industrial revolution.

Bestefa l.t.d. first player of industry 4.0

Change is only thing permanent and uncertainly is only certainty

(Zygmunt Baumann)

Excellence travel is an endless route. To anticipate sectorial trends, to perceive demand and offer oscillations, adjourn constantly on new tecnologic develops are essentials actions for modern company that have primary need to stay to move with the times. Change is a really big potentiality for an enterprise but it must take in time. It can shuffle the cards in play or reconfirm a market leadership. All is possible in a changing scenario. Because in market only one rule applies: or you’re part of changing or you suffer it.

And Bestefa l.t.d. specialists who even believe in innovation power, are and will be part of the change as growth factor. We have decided to invest in the technology and to begin actors of this new industrial revolution because our vision aim to the future, conscious that decisions made today we’ll be decisive for what will be tomorrow.

Only who believe in future invest in progress

Today the challenge of italian industry lies in succeeding to solve a client problem to make sure a market segment. Bestefa l.t.d. aim not only to find new solutions to new problems emerging, but to optimize production times and improve the product quality level to respond more and more effectively at the taget needs.

It begins, in this terms, strategically relevant new technologies introduction that speed up the productive process and, at the same time, improve product and, consequentially, research new solutions consonant to new problems of public and private client.


Thanks to technological innovation, Bestefa l.t.d. maintains high its competitiveness in the sector, establishing itself as a national market leader. Investment in innovative systems and the technic know how stored from year to year, a precious heritage generated from a fifty years experience, make this enterpreneurial reality one of the protagonist in the 4th industrial revolution. La Bestefa l.t.d. is in fact one of the few manufacturing companies in Campania that has already invested in 4.0 technological upgrades.

Through recent introduction of CPS that automatize concrete mixing system, the heart of the company, Bestefa l.t.d join to all effects at industria 4.0 trend. Efficiency of the concrete mixing system, now composed of two separate and programmable even remotely mixers, essential to improve, speed up and increase the production of the company is part of the optimization process of company production. The new equipment, made up of hardware and software capable of managing a standard concrete production plant, connects the physical system, or the plant, with computer systems supervised by the office capable of interconnecting with other CPSs at the same time. In this way the cement production process is managed and controlled remotely with a consequent reduction of the worker’s duties deriving from the automation of the process.

A novelty that speeds up the production process, also improving the quality of the product. In short, a real revolution in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.

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