New Jersey safety and positioning barriers

Modular safety barriers BESTWAY in vibrated reinforced concrete used to channel road flow or provisionally delimit construction site areas along road arteries while traffic flows sideways. They preserve the direction of travel of the vehicles due to impact angles with minimal or no damage to the car and the artifact. The particular shape of the prefabricated element, in fact, is designed in such a way that in the event of a collision the vehicle’s energy is dissipated by the vehicle itself, transforming into potential energy.

The concrete barrier is more advantageous than the metal one due to the continuity of the profile which, in the event of friction or ascent of the wheels on the side of the barrier, generates a “dynamic return” effect of the car towards the roadway it belongs to. The mobility of the barrier, in fact, makes the impact “plastic”, favoring better control of the trajectory of the vehicle that runs alongside it. In this way, New Jersey allows the vehicle to correct its trajectory or to stop.

Prefabricated elements are available in different sizes, customizable too.

These are used to:


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