Noise Barriers

Bestfon: new generation of anti-noise barrier

Years and years of experience on the construction site have allowed us to design and patent a line of noise barriers that is unique of its kind for certified quality and performance levels. Bestfon is the new frontier of the acoustic barrier. Its technology, the result of the expertise of the Bestefa specialist technical team, is designed to minimize the emission of noise from roads, highways, construction sites, airports in order to bring it back within the limit allowed by law in residential areas and outdoor environments. Bestfon anti-noise systems, due to their high sound-absorbent and sound-insulating performance, are the ideal solution for the implementation of acoustic remediation plans in particularly noisy areas.

A3, A4 and A5 class in sound-absorbing

B4 class in sound-isolation

The Bestefa company offers various sound-absorbing solutions on the market, all capable to offer the highest acoustic performance on the European market. These features are combined to a minimum footprint, durability and lack of maintenance.

The anti-noise systems produced differ in materials, shapes and mounting systems. Thanks to the peculiarities of each product it is possible to adapt with extreme efficiency to every design situation and site. In particular, Bestefa barriers, can be used in acoustic mitigation and remediation interventions.


  • Maximum soundproofing capacity  
  • Maximum soundproofing capacity
  • High durability
  • Small footprint in plan
  • Minimized and simplified maintenance

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