The perfect noise barrier: mobile, self-supporting, simple, versatile and fully customizable.

Innovative BrickFon system was born from the hybridization of the BestWall gravity system with the BestBlock sound-absorbing technology. It is the perfect combination of the resistance and sound insulation of a reinforced concrete block and the high sound absorption performance of Bestblock tiles. The barrier, made self-supporting by the dry joints, allows the creation of temporary noise barriers with countless customizable configurations. More than a self-supporting wall, more than an acoustic barrier: the Brickfon gravity system revolutionizes the concept of anti-noise system. Thanks to the possibility of aesthetic customization, it blends perfectly with the architectural style of the area in which it is installed, becoming a real stylistic complement.

Possibility of accessories such as supports for advertising panels and light points.

Produced with a percentage of recycled materials according to UNI EN ISO 14021.