Bestfon noise barriers combine more important needs:

  • high durability
  • great mechanical resistance
  • high acoustic performances
  • minimized and simplified manteinance

The lateral heads of the sound-absorbing panels have a so-called “dovetail” geometry, for easy insertion on the reinforced concrete pillar simply by lowering them from above

The uprights in reinforced concrete can reach any height while maintaining an almost constant square section; the greater stresses due to the increase in height are almost always absorbed by the increase in the internal steel reinforcement;

Both the sound-absorbing panels and the uprights are equipped with bushings designed for easy handling on the construction site; once assembly is complete, the same bushes house suitable screws for definitive locking of the elements.

The Bestfon sound-absorbing barrier, due to its solidity and durability characteristics, lends itself excellently to host multiple systems and technological systems, integrating their functions with purely acoustic ones.


The Bestfon noise barrier can be customized on the basis of the client’s aesthetic and stylistic needs. The sound-absorbing panel in reinforced concrete and metal (aluminum alloy, corten steel, galvanized steel) with an internal sound-absorbing mat (polyester fiber or mineral wool) has a layered structure that allows you to replace the perforated metal front with other materials such as, for example, wood and plastic materials. The Bestfon noise barrier is also perfect for housing transparent panels in its most elegant version with pmma or laminated glass. It is possible to further customize the product by choosing the color available in the whole RAL range.

Bestfon colors barriers available


Each layer of Bestfon is exploited for its best characteristics:     the part in reinforced concrete, placed on the side of the buildings to be protected from noise, is entrusted with the task of ensuring important mechanical performance, such as to allow center distances of the uprights of more than 6 meters and, at the same time, to better resist the loads due to the wind pressure and snow removal;     the sound-absorbing mat has the ability to provide high sound absorption performances that are completely comparable to those of the classic metal sound-absorbing panels, without however renouncing the sound-insulating properties that only concrete can boast;     the metal part (expanded metal) located on the noise source side, essentially the task of protecting the soundproofing mat, ensuring optimal permeability to sound waves.


Bestefa srl ​​produces under ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 45001-2018 certification in compliance with the Quality Management System standards. Bestfon sound absorbing barriers are made with recycled materials up to 60% The Bestfon barrier is