Acustic barrier in cement and metal – A4

Layered sound absorbing acoustic barrier with reinforced cement and metal soundproofing panel (aluminum alloy, corten steel) supported by reinforced concrete or aluminum uprights.

Available in permanent or temporary fixation with cup-shaped plinths.

COLORS AVAILABLE: range ral colors

POST DISTANCEup to 314,96 in
HEIGHT up to 236,22 in
CERTIFICATIONS– Sound absorption A4 UNI EN 1793-1 (15 dB)
– Airborn sound insulation B4 UNI EN 1793-2 (48 Db)
– Sound reflection and sound insulation in open field UNI EN 1793-5 e UNI EN1793-6
– Light reflexion UNI EN 1794-2
– Resistance to falling debris UNI EN 1794-2
– Resistance to brushwood  fire UNI EN 1794-2
– Resistance to stone impact UNI EN 1794-1

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