Acoustic barrier in cement and PMMA

Transparent soundproofing acoustic barrier in PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) with perimeter frame in cement.

It is connected to cement and aluminum pillars by means of a dovetail at the ends.

It is available in the fixed version or on a mobile foundation with cup plinths.

COLORS AVAILABLE: range ral color

LENGHTUntil 660 cm
HEIGHTUntil 600 cm
CERTIFICATIONSSound proofing B4 (48 Db)
Certificated with method tests Adrienne ref.UNI EN 1793- 6:2018 e la UNI EN1793-3:1999
Determination of resistance to the risk of debris falling  UNI EN 1794-2:2011 app.B
Determination of resistance from brushwood  fire UNI EN 1794-2:2011 app.A
Determination of impact caused by stones UNI EN 1794-1:2018 app.C
Determination of resistance  to dynamic load from snow clearance UNI EN 1794-1:2018 app.E
Determination of resistance from wind load UNI EN 1795-1:2018 app.A

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