Sound proofing and sound absorbing barrier in cement and clay with 7,87 inches  x 7,87 inches square section reinforced concrete upright made up of modular panels each composed by a 2,36 inches thick rear half-shell in reinforced concrete, with a 7,87 inches  thick perimeter frame. The sound-absorbing layer is made of vibro-compressed concrete lightened with clay of 19,68 inches x 9,84 inches size and 7,87 inches thick in the shape of a wave. Available in permanent or temporary fixation with cup-shaped plinths.

POST DISTANCE up to 314,96 inches
HEIGHT up to 236,22 inches
THICKNESS 13,78 inches
CERTIFICATIONS– Sound absorption A4 UNI EN 1793-1
– Airborn sound insulation B4 UNI EN 1793-2